Champion Xpress CarWash is an automated tunnel car wash company with locations across New Mexico, Colorado, iowa, illinois, and texas.

Champion Xpress combines a superior chemical presentation and the latest technology to provide a cleaner vehicle with exceptional customer experience every time. We value excellence, hard work, stewardship, difference, and community, because the Champion Xpress team aims to have a positive impact on all areas of our industry and community.



We will produce a clean car and excellent customer service, every time.

Hard Work

We will work hard at everything we do as if for the Lord and not for man.


We will make our mistakes right. We will prioritize people over profit.


We will use both our financial and human resources responsibly with care for our community.


We will cultivate relationships within our organization and communities to promote the love of Christ.


To be God’s church serving as a car wash.


To be God’s Hands and Feet by serving our customers and each other.