• Maximum clearance height is 7’ 2”.
  • Maximum tire width is 13”.
  • Minimum ground clearance for a vehicle is 5in
  • Maximum vehicle width (tire to tire) is 90″

These items can’t go through the wash:

  • Pickup bed cages, ladder racks, cargo carriers, hunting cages, etc.
  • Rear luggage, wheelchair racks or trailer hitches over 6” long
  • Excessively dirty, muddy vehicles
  • Loose objects or debris in a pickup bed
  • Dually Axles
  • Loose or damaged body panels, parts & bumpers
  • Cars displaying significant rust damage
  • Please Fold in tow mirrors, remove magnets and antenna accessories


We’ve tried to create the best, safest wash experience, however there are some inherent risks of using a friction type wash. Using a friction wash may cause damage to items below:

  • Loose Plastic Parts, e.g. Hubcaps, mirrors, trim, wipers, wiper arms, taillights, headlights, etc.
  • Antennas. e.g. mast, power, cellular, satellite, radio, etc. We recommend lowering or removing antennas.
  • Parts of logos attached with tape, adhesive, or press fit or snap-on
  • Non-standard or non-factory equipment including (but not limited to):
  • Custom tires/rims
  • Running boards
  • Power retractable running boards must stay in the retracted position.
  • Bug shields, visors, wind deflectors
  • Spoilers
  • Custom lights and light bars
  • Trailer hitches, luggage racks, etc.
  • Pin Striping, graphics, painted plastics, repaints
  • Previous bodywork, preexisting or unforeseen vehicle conditions or defects
  • Vehicles over 2 years old

Champion Xpress Only Accepts Responsibility for Equipment Malfunctions

Failure to follow these rules, procedures and warnings may result in vehicular damage and driver liability. The management cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles or property while using this car wash. Customers using this wash do so at their own risk. Champion Xpress is not responsible for Driver Error.

By using this wash and/or membership, you agree to abide by these rules and to follow all safety signs and cautions of Champion Xpress Car Wash.