Price Changes & Going Cashless


Starting November 1st, 2021 (New Mexico) & November 15th, 2021 (Colorado)

Why are you changing your prices?

We have simplified our wash package options for an easier customer experience.

In the process, we took the opportunity to lower our two middle single wash prices from: $13 to $10 and $16 to $15.

What is your new pricing?

Single Wash Packages: $10, $15, $20

MVP Club Plans: $25, $30, $35 ($35 plan includes Ceramic wax!)

TEAM Plan (Formerly Family Plans): With the purchase of one full price plan, customers can add up to 3 additional plans for only $15/mo.

  • And left our top wash at $20 BUT ADDED our CHAMPION CERAMIC application.

Why did you increase your bottom wash price from $7 to $10?

Great question! In order to improve the quality of wash for EVERY CUSTOMER and to simplify our customer experience, we no longer offer our basic (Champion Choice) wash.

Instead, we lowered the price of our two middle washes to make them more affordable for all!

  • The $13 plan is now $10
  • The $16 is now $15
  • Our top wash is still priced at $20 BUT NOW INCLUDES our CHAMPION CERAMIC (previously $25)

What happens to my plan if I had the Champion Choice ($7) Plan?

On November 1st, 2021 (New Mexico) and November 15th, 2021 (Colorado) our Champion Choice customers will automatically be moved to our new basic wash package for $25 per month.

If you prefer to make changes to or cancel your plan, you may do so by login into your account here or submitting a request via our contact form here.

When will my Grand Champion, Champion Classic and Champion Plus plan price change?

On November 1st, 2021 (New Mexico) and November 15th, 2021 (Colorado) the following changes will take place:

  • Grand Champion plans will change to #1 Wax, Wheels & Wash: $35/mo
  • Champion Choice plans will change to #2 Wheels & Wash: $30/mo
  • Champion Classic plans will change to #3 Wash: $25/mo

Why are you going cashless?

  • One primary reason we are no longer accepting cash is due to the national currency shortage, however there are several other reasons including:
  • Safety: By taking away the handling of cash, we have improved the health and safety of our team and customers
  • Security: No longer keeping cash on site makes our locations more secure for team members.
  • Speed : No longer accepting cash allowed for a faster experience at the pay station, for our customers!

We are now Accepting:

  • Credit / Debit Cards
  • Apple Pay
  • MasterCard contactless
  • AMEX contactless

Why are you no longer hand drying?

We have made the decision provide free-to-use towels at our locations as opposed to hand drying for the SAFETY OF OUR TEAM MEMBERS. Safety is our first and foremost concern and we believe making this adjustment creates the safest environment for our team.

Feel free to use the clean towels found in near our vacuum stations. Return them to the “dirty towel” bin after use and they will be washed and ready for use the next time you return.

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